Continuing Education Courses

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Proposed CE courses for the SC/MLA 2007 Annual Conference

Teaching About Evidence Based Practice
Instructor: Lisa Traditi.
8 contact hours
Description: This course will provide participants with the information needed to start or improve their classes on searching the literature for the evidence and applying evidence into health science practice. Participants will explore the librarian's role in evidence-based practice (EBP), develop learning exercises using evidence-based database resources, explore and develop methods for integrating EBP into the curriculum of health sciences programs, and leave with planning and marketing tips for their evidence-based health care institution.
Research for Beginners: Seven steps to success
Instructor: Brenda Phannenstiel.
4 contact hours.
Description: This course will allow participants to consider the benefits of doing research to their careers and to their profession. Participants will acquaint themselves with the research process: from framing the hypothesis or question, designing the study, acquiring the means to collect data, data collection and analysis, publication, and evaluation using lecture examples from the instructor's experience, and case studies of library research. Participants will review available resources and will discuss methods for overcoming obstacles within themselves with the ultimate goal of becoming researchers themselves.
Designing Effective Online Tutorials.
Instructor: Robert Ladd.
4 contact hours. Hands-on.
Description: The purpose of this course is to show participants how to design effective online tutorials that incorporate interactive video clips of desktop activity created using Macromedia Captivate software. Librarians frequently spend a substantial amount of time showing users how to accomplish tasks that use computer software. Online tutorials can make this process easier. Software is now available that can demonstrate procedures by showing videos of desktop activity.
Getting Magnetized--Search and Service Strategies for Nursing Excellence
Instructor: Peg Allen.
4 contact hours.
Description: Learn about knowledge-based information needs of nurses in clinical and educational settings. Reflect on strategies to meet these needs in relation to accreditation and certification standards, especially as they relate to the ANCC Magnet initiative. Learn efficient methods for finding resources for evidence-based nursing practice via the Internet, CINAHL and MEDLINE. Use what you learn to identify collaborative education and service strategies to improve knowledge-based information services for nurses and nursing students in your organization.
EBM – Introduction to Study Design and Critical Appraisal
Instructor: Connie Schardt.
4 contact hours.
Description: This course is designed to give learners an introduction to critical appraisal skills through an understanding of basic study designs and validity issues related to reducing bias in clinical studies. The course will focus on understanding the basic designs in medicine (case-control, cohort, randomized controlled clinical trial, systematic review, and meta analysis). Learners will also discuss the criteria for determining internal validity of therapy studies and systematic reviews. After completing this course, learners will be better able to identify good studies and help support evidence-based medicine within their own institutions.
Measuring Your Impact: Using Evaluation to Demonstrate Value
Instructor: Dale Prince.
6 contact hours.
Description: Library users and stakeholders will recognize and value the importance of their library's services and of the librarian to the organization. That is the ultimate goal of this class. The outcome for the class is that librarians will be able to show the value of their library's services. Participants will become familiar with an evaluation process and will use and take away methods and tools for assessment, evaluation planning, creating logic models, data collection and reporting.
Grant Proposal Writing
Instructor: Sheila Snow-Croft.
4 contact hours. Hands-on.
Description: This class presents a general overview of the funding process through NN/LM as well as the level of detail required in a successful proposal. Each component of the grant writing process will be addressed, including: documenting the need, identifying the target population, writing measurable objectives, developing a work plan, an evaluation plan and dissemination plan. This class, designed for beginning proposal writers, will teach you how to apply for NN/LM funding and NLM grants with confidence.

A full description of the classes will be available in the summer issue of Southern Expressions and on the 2007 Conference web page as they become available.