Congratulations to Southern Chapter research paper and poster winners -- way to go!

Research Papers

First Place

Martha Earl and Sandy Oelschlegel for Charting a Course for Volunteer Physician Faculty Outreach: Promoting the Use of Trusted Information Services through Off-campus Access Training.

Second Place

Sandy Oelschlegel, Martha Earl, Melanie Taylor, and Robert Muenchen for Health Information Disparities? Determining the Relationship between Age, Poverty and Rate of Calls to a Consumer and Patient Health Information Service.

Third Place

Lin Wu, Richard Nollan and Rozann Turner for Analyzing Reference Questions: Which Way do the Winds Blow?

Research Posters

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First Place

Sandy Oelschlegel, Martha Earl and Bridgit Carpenter for Comparison of Health Information Seeking Behavior of Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists in Tennessee.

Tied Second Place

Trey Lemley and Judy Burnham for Web 2.0 Tools in Medical and Nursing School Curriculum.


Beverly Shattuck, Danny O'Neal, John Orriola, Barbara Wood Greenberg and Kristen Morda for Designing our Future: Looking for Signs of the Health Sciences Library on the Medical College Homepage.